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ARYA PARAMEDICAL INSTITUTE (APMI) is on a high growth path today, offering widest range of academic programmes in the field of management education.

APMI stands for premier virtues in the field of education and delivers them all the time through the degrees that it offers. Academics at the institution is all about incorporating the best of values and the finest of teaching techniques to train candidates in accordance to the needs of the service sector and to enhance their personalities and intellect.

The institution upholds all ideals of premier education and strives hard to realize them. Students are taught by amicable professors who not only come with rich industry experience but also boast of extensive teaching expertise. He methodologies used for teaching are exemplary and customized to meet the standards of healthy learning.

Since the classes happen only on weekends, the manuals and other similar study material given to students are course centric and crisp. Students enrolled with the institute are trained to launch enterprising careers, ones that would not only be rewarding but highly gratifying.


APMI is one of the best educational institute across the country with its diverse educational programs that have specially been devised to benefit students and to increase their chances of getting highly paid jobs. The programs have been designed taking all professional requirements into consideration and have also been tailor made for all those who wish to achieve greater heights in life. APMI is thoroughly one of the finest educational institute that has outdone other institutions and has been the most considerate and versatile ones too. The quality of education offered by this institute has been unparalleled which has made many stalwarts in the education sector sit up and applaud the institution.
The APMI programs are more flexible, more innovative and much less expensive than the traditional, old pattern and long term programs of other Institutions.



“Making new beginnings Incubating innovation Building international synergies“


In just Two decades APMI  has evolved from being India’s premier management & technology to a not able   institute of management & technology.

It all started with Dr. SURENDER DAHIYA  realizing that agriculture, education, health, transportation, population control, energy, and public administration were all vital elements in a growing society and that it was necessary to link these meaningfully with industry and technology. The result was the creation of the ARYA PARAMEDICAL INSTITUTE , as an autonomous body with the active collaboration of the UGC Approved Universities.

It was evident that to have a vision was not enough. Effective governance and quality education were seen as critical aspects. From the very start the founders introduced the concept of faculty governance: all members of the faculty play an important role in administering the diverse academic and non-academic activities of the Institute. The empowerment of the faculty has been the propelling force behind the high quality of learning experience. Gradually it emerged as a confluence of the best of Eastern and Western values.

The ARYA PARAMEDICAL INSTITUTE  is based on knowledge, experience, and people from "real" universities in India. APMI  has brought together top experts in the field. The Institute's faculty is a network of distinguished professors from reputable universities in India. APMI’s unique feature is this concentration of high-level knowledge and expertise in one institution.

ARYA PARAMEDICAL INSTITUTE  is a centre of Advanced Professional education with a strong autonomous character. It offers variety of services relating to education including training, production, publication and research. APMI aims to provide quality and value based education. It is a non profit organization.

Presently this Institute is running various PG, Degree, Diploma and Certificate courses. Most of these courses are approved by MHRD, Government of India.

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